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Your home is your castle; make it a reflection of your own unique style.

At International Interiors, we don’t just sell beautiful furniture; we offer you the opportunity to create the home you have always dreamed of with home décor that is a true representation of your personal style.

We boast one of Australia’s largest collections of high quality, luxury furniture which has been curated from all over Europe. Whether you have a highly trained eye for design, or you’d like a little assistance from a professional interior decorator, our stunning collection can help you to make your dream home a reality.

Interior design styles

Entrance halls, entertainment areas and living spaces offer you a chance to share your taste and style with your guests. Although the latest furnishing trends may be impressive, putting a personal touch on your home makes every visit memorable.

What your style says about you

Fashion stylists say the right shoes make the best impressions, and the same applies to your home. Having a statement rug at the centre of a room can give the impression of ultimate sophistication and attention to detail.

Our range of luxury rugs is far from the average welcome mat. Whether you are looking to ‘floor’ your guests with high levels of comfort when welcoming them into your home, or impress them with unique conversation starting pieces, we have the perfect rugs and flooring options for you.

International Interiors has built relationships with some of the most renowned rug and carpet manufacturers throughout Europe so our customers can enjoy the highest-quality, bespoke pieces. Our experienced interior designers will work closely with you to ensure the decor not only suits your taste and existing furnishing but also the size and function of your space.

We invite you to our Gold Coast showroom to enjoy a detailed consultation where we can discuss your options, from the texture, material and colour of rugs to the size, feeling and effect you want to accomplish.

Get inspired by rugs from our Classical Collection

Interior design and lighting

Set the mood with the right lighting that compliments your home and contributes to the style and feels you have created. International Interiors offers a range of lighting options from dazzling chandeliers to understated, romantic fixtures.

Our Modern and Contemporary Collection offers a variety of options; from sleek designs which complement your décor with understated sophistication, to bold artistic fixtures which command attention and draw the eye to the centre of the room.

Whether you have a flair for the dramatic or are looking for a practical lighting solution, we have just what you need in a variety of shapes, colours and styles.

And if you need it, our interior designers are waiting to help you choose the perfect lighting to suit both your style and space.

Luxury wall coverings

Reminiscent of antique homes, modern home décor has drawn inspiration from classical wall panelling. At International Interiors, we have our own twist on trends, and we offer chic and elegant wall panelling to provide the perfect backdrop for your home.

Whether you are looking for a single statement wall panel, or wish to create a unique feel with wall-to-wall panelling – our showroom offers a life-sized view of what your walls could be.

With a range of materials, styles and decorative elements including columns, mouldings, trimmings and balusters, everyone can fall in love with panelling. We also provide professional instalments in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to ensure your design is executed to your expectations, and our high standards.

Combine your visit to our showroom with a professional consultation and learn how you can add a touch of glamour to your home.

Home redesign services

Redesigning your home and ensuring new pieces complement existing home décor can be overwhelming. However, with a professional and experienced interior design team, personalising your home can become not only easy but fun.

Updated on the latest style trends, unique style combinations and with a keen eye for detail, our designers will work closely with you to execute a brilliant design result.

When shopping with us, you can have the peace of mind knowing that packaging and delivery is one of the services we include to make your experience a more pleasant one.

Interior Design Makeover

If you would like to learn more about our interior design services or to speak to our experienced interior design professionals, please contact us.

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