The Beauty of Italian Furniture


Italy is world renowned for rich culture and high-end fashion; Italian furniture follows suit.

The beauty is in the details of this style. Classic and modern pieces alike can transform a simple space into a little slice of Italy. Defined by an unrivalled combination of detail, tradition and culture, the style is opulent and romantic. With luxurious gold hardware and velvet upholstery, you’ll feel like royalty in your Italian-styled spaces.

Luxury Italian Furniture

Italian furniture sets the precedent for class and elegance. Popular with royalty, both contemporary and classic Italian styles are synonymous with luxury.  Italian pieces make a statement with incredible craftsmanship and unmatched design.

Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture

The classic style of Italian furniture is decadent and indulgent. In the bedroom, suites often include many more pieces than the conventional bed, bedside table and dresser. Benches, mirrors, vanities, stools and sitting chairs are commonly incorporated into a suite. This emphasises the extravagance of Italian design.

Regarding styling, classic Italian bedroom furniture is decadent, and at times eccentric. Upholstered headboards and carved panels are common, as well as fine bedding and gold or brass hardware. No detail is spared as the antique feeling is incorporated in each piece. The claw foot is not just reserved for bathtubs – bedside tables and chairs incorporate the luxury design element too. A rich colour palette of blues, purples, reds and yellows, is typical for the design style, often in velvet fabrics. White and beige options are also popular for those seeking a muted hue. While less popular in modern homes, chandeliers are the epitome of Italian luxury.

Modern Italian Bedroom Furniture

Modern takes on Italian furniture follow a more muted style. Bedroom pieces are minimal, yet luxurious with classic button upholstery and rich hardware. Black, grey, beige and white are popular colour options. Silver hardware regularly replaces the traditional gold or brass. Carved designs are phased out, being replaced by solid wood panels with more subtle designs, if any. Velvet upholstery is replaced with the more relaxed linen fabric in contemporary Italian styles. As extravagant features are reinvented or removed, the romance of classic Italian furniture makes way for a light, open motif.

Exclusive Italian Furniture

As with the country’s fashion, Italian furniture is renowned for its exclusivity. Italian furniture reflects the country’s rich art and cultural history. Most classically designed pieces are eccentric and unique, each a piece of artwork. Imitation Italian furniture carries none of the country’s cultural or historical significance. This makes it mostly obsolete in the eyes of true design enthusiasts. Authentic Italian pieces are exclusive for the same reasons they are popular – they are rich in every sense.

Affordable Italian Furniture

True Italian pieces are rarely described as ‘affordable’. The intricacy and exclusivity of classic pieces demand a higher price. The popularity of contemporary styles has the same effect. Stumbling upon a piece of ‘affordable’ Italian furniture may indicate a lack of individuality.

Where to Buy Italian Furniture?

International Interiors is proud to offer a selection of furniture from Italy’s finest brands and manufacturers. These sources work alongside talented designers to produce iconic and revered furniture pieces.

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