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We take a look at Soher, Spanish craftsmanship at work

Quality European Furniture since 1942… 

Since 1942, Soher has been dedicated to the revival of furniture artistry in classical European style. A family-owned business created by Vincente Simo and a handful of highly skilled artisans, that set out to capture the tradition of age-old techniques and furniture mastery.

Soher searches intensively throughout the world for the highest-grade materials, superb veneers, refined burls and exotic woods to create signature pieces for their clients.

Highly skilled in painting, marquetry and the application of bronzes, the artisans replicate age-old techniques to produce true masterpieces out of each of their creations.

Withstanding the test of time

Quality craftsmanship, careful selection of materials and delicate finishes of each and every piece has enabled Soher to obtain international prestige and recognition. It is the quality, beauty, care and tenderness behind each creation that has ensured Soher products withstand the test of time.

Managing classic traditions through quality craftsmanship, whilst also incorporating the latest technology and trends, enables Soher to produce the elegant pieces of furniture of which it is renown.

At Soher, they keep their craftsmanship methods alive, through the implementation of advanced manufacturing techniques. Their ability to continually produce quality craftsmanship with each piece is a testament to their commitment to reviving the furniture industry in classical European style.

Soher remains committed to the timeless fine design and functionality that means their furniture will be passed through generations.

International Interiors Gold Coast

At International Interiors Gold Coast, we are committed to providing you with breath-taking designs and unsurpassed quality. Our collections are carefully selected to suit the demands of the commercial, corporate and residential sectors. From decorations to lighting, classical to contemporary design, we showcase the world’s finest collection of European furniture and lighting

International Interiors showcases the world’s finest collection of European furniture.

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