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Express personality with a home completely customised for you

At International Interiors, we offer a completely bespoke interior design package in which we work with you from concept to completion of a project. Whether you are building a new home, remodelling an older building or simply wish to refresh your current home, this service will take the pressure off and ensure your visions are reflected in your new living space.

This service extends to any projects, whether a residential home or commercial development. If you have a business, office or development complex, we can create a complete look tailored to your requests. From floor plans to fit outs, we can manage a unique range of projects from boats and villas to theatres and resorts.

Our experienced interior designers will work with you from the very conception of your project, through all the stages, to delivery, installation and final styling touches.

On completion of your aesthetic and practical design, you can be rest assured you will have a unique space tailored specifically for you.

We have detailed our service process from the design phase through to competition, so you know exactly what to expect.

Location Visit 

We take the opportunity to truly capture your vision and feel of the space with a visit to the site. At your convenience, we can attend a site walk through to record measurements, building layouts and design prospects. For client’s that are located throughout Australia, an interior designer can be flown over to deliver a comprehensive enquiry of the site design and construct.

Client Agreement

Following the location visit, we will create a client proposal agreement based on the project, budget and other minor factors. We will also identify a timeline from the design concepts through to completion. Once you have agreed upon the proposal, we are commissioned to proceed with the design.

Design Concept  

The design concept stage will involve a full presentation and quotation of the proposed design furnishes, site layout and additional finishes. This presented design will encapsulate the client brief and individual requirements previously stated. We will explain our decisions behind the design and present our recommendations. Without compromising quality, the design concept will be a reflection of your budget with a presented quote for the overall project.

Design Development  

During the design development stage, we will modify any necessary changes based on your review and refurbish the design to your ideal layout. This process will involve specifying the finalised project fixtures and finishes. Prior to construction, a site meeting with relevant trade specialists will be held to establish associated costs and present a final project quotation.

Project Implementation  

Our experienced Project Manager will be in regular contact with you throughout the construction and implementation stages of the project and update you on site progress. Our team of interior designers, architects and builders can control your entire design project or work in conjunction with other parties to deliver cost competitive results within all budgets and deadlines.

Furnishing & Decorating

We will source and supply all furnishing and decorative fixtures for all home, investment or commercial spaces including floor and wall coverings, lighting, soft furnishings and other interior elements. Delivering results are what we’re all about. We ensure quality is maintained and seamless flow throughout all spaces.

We have access to a large and exquisite range of furnishing and amenities from our industry-leading manufacturers. We can have custom-made fixtures created to any style, colour or fabric.

Our Furnishing & Decorating services include:

  • We tailor our furnishing and decorating services to suit your individual requirements
  • Supply and installation of furniture
  • Soft furnishings and window finishes are supplied and installed
  • Custom furniture design
  • We design furniture layouts
  • We supply rugs, mirrors, lighting, chandeliers and more.
  • Interior and exterior colour schemes
  • Supply and location of accessories

Service Fees

On the total completion and satisfaction of your project, we finalise our services with the final payments. This pricing will have been transparent and agreed upon from the initial stages, with no hidden fees.

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